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Interview Preparation


 The interview is a two way process but is focused on YOU so be PREPARED 

  • Research the Client's Website  make a note of as much relevant information  as possible; print and  highlight relevant facts and figures
  • Make sure you know who is conducting the Interview and their positions within the Company
  • Ensure you fully understand the Job Description and the Role as it relates to your application
  • Know your own CV and be prepared to answer questions about the detail, without referring to the document
  • Prepare your journey to the client offices and arrive at the location at least 30 minutes before the start time and announce your arrival only  at the appointed time.
  • Think about your image, dress in attire that is suited to the environment

It is important to remember that the interview is not an adversarial contest, the interviewers do not set traps to catch you out,  they have invested their time in meeting with you and as such will want you to do well whilst they need to remain  objective.

You in turn must make a commitment to present yourself on time, dressed accordingly and fully prepared with a good appreciation of the company's background and standing in the marketplace.

Be prepared but be yourself.